Monday, February 13, 2006

English Translation of the New Swedish Companies Act

I have checked when a translation into English of the text of the new Swedish Companies Act may be available.

The Swedish Ministry of Justice is not going to do an official translation.

However, the Swedish book publishing firm of Norstedts (in Swedish only I'm afraid) will produce an English translation, which probably will by ready sometime this spring. It will be published as part of their publication Swedish Commercial Legislation (ISBN 91-38-55182-9) but also as a separate book.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps it might be useful to your English speaking visitors to put the link immediately below on your blog?

Swedish statutes in translation

With all good wishes,

Michael Flessas

Shantanu said...

Hi.. This is Shantanu from India. My company is looking at investment opportunities in Sweden and would like to form a company in Sweden. I am looking for an English translation of the Sweden Companies Act. Could you inform me the name of the book and the website from where I can buy it..Thanks.

SwedishLawyer said...

The title is “The Swedish Companies Act 2005 in translation”, Aktiebolagslagen (2005:551) i engelsk √∂vers√§ttning. ISBN 10: 9139011704 - Norstedts Juridik & Translegal Language Services, 2006

You could order the book on the Internet from e.g. Bokus at

I gave some further information in an earlier blogpost;